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Amateur Theatres

Children can too flex their creative skills when in London. If you are on short term rentals London, then there are loads of children’s theaters which will host shows across the year. The most famous of the lot is the Little Angel Puppet Theater which has been going since 1961. It deals especially with puppet [...]

London Food on the Cheap

Eating out in London can be a pricey business. With that and the expensive holiday apartments in London, your three-day visit can end up costing you a fortune. However, you do not have to fork out an arm and a leg for feeding the family. Try some of these places for size: Comptoir Libanis is [...]

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The Serviced Apartment Bookers Association

The Serviced Apartment Bookers Association (SABA) unites bothserviced apartment property providers and booking agents under one bannerwhich proclaims their respect for the principles of business outlined inthe SABA Codes of Best Practice

Rent The World

Rent The World is an international group specialised in property management services aiming to provide quality on the best value. Our team of experience professionals has a special customer oriented focus which allow us to threat all our clients on a polite and respectful manner. Rent The World build partnerships in numerous industries in order to improve the portfolio of services we offer. Travel agencies, IT companies, cleaning services providers and property inventory companies are just few of large list of loyal partners which we have around the world.

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Vivaresa is an innovative software solution designed for letting agencies and vacation rental industry allowing them to conduct variety of Online Property Management services including online booking management, instant access to portfolio of properties and calendar availability management.

Inventory Clerk Association (ICA)

Inventory Clerk Association (ICA) is providing professional high quality service in the property inventory industry. We are dedicated to ensure that all landlords, letting agents and tenants understand the benefits of professionally made property inventory and detailed inventory reports conducted by certified inventory clerks.

Fantastic Cleaners

Fantastic Cleaners in a London based company specialised in all kinds of cleaning services. Our team of professionals are high trained and always ready to offer you the best rates for domestic cleaning, carpet cleaning and not the last upholstery cleaning. Fantastic Cleaners use innovative solutions to achieve unexceptional quality.

London Property Inventories

London Property Inventories is certifies provider of inventory services in central London and most of the London main areas. Out team of high trained inventory clerks are always ready to assist you and ready to arrange appointment that suits your schedule. London Property Inventories provides all kind of inventory reports accompanied with photos and video record prepared according to official requirements.

London Inventory Company

London Inventory Company is specialised in variety of property inventory services and all kinds of inventory reports. All our inventory clerks are certified professionals dedicated to provide you with the highest value of the service you are paying for. London Inventory Company offers you the flexibility to book an appointment in the last minute or in the convenient for you time.

Inventories London

Inventories London is an inventory company that provides rich portfolio of property inventory services designed to suits every customer needs. Or inventory clerks are certified by the Inventory Clerk Association and all types of the inventory reports they are preparing are consistent with all legal requirements and includes photos and video as well. We from Inventories London do believe that high quality of the services and the good customer care are the keys to the success.

Inventory Services London

Inventory Services London is accredited provider of energy performance certification and all kinds of property inventory services directed to landlords, tenants and variety of letting and property management agencies. The areas which our highly trained inventory clerks are covering are thought Souhteast and Greater London but upon request we are able to serve other areas as well.

Serviced Apartment Bookers Association


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