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Amateur Theatres

Children can too flex their creative skills when in London. If you are on short term rentals London, then there are loads of children’s theaters which will host shows across the year. The most famous of the lot is the Little Angel Puppet Theater which has been going since 1961. It deals especially with puppet [...]

London Food on the Cheap

Eating out in London can be a pricey business. With that and the expensive holiday apartments in London, your three-day visit can end up costing you a fortune. However, you do not have to fork out an arm and a leg for feeding the family. Try some of these places for size: Comptoir Libanis is [...]

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Virgin Marathon London 2012

Name: Virgin Marathon London 2012
Date: 22 April 2012
Place: Various in London


After the Olympic champion Chris Brasher came back from the New York Marathon, he decided to forward his excitement of millions of people from different cultures running together in London. Since 1981 thousands of people have been running the more than 26-mile marathon every year now. The Virgin Marathon London have been gathering people that strive to achieve a win, people to raise money for charity, people who run dressed in fancy clothes or crazy costumes as penguins, snails, supermen and money other. This event surely gathers a lot of people from abroad looking for a short term rental in London

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